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Kelhome Electric Hand Mixer 200 Watt Hand Blender

  • Model:- KHEB 250
  • Whips,Folds, Blender,Creams and Mixes
  • 5 Speed Control
  • 2 Mixer Hooks
  • 2 Beater Hooks
  • Easy Beaters Removal and Clean
  • 220-240V-50Hz
  • 200 Watt
  • 1 Year Warranty

1,690 1,399

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Kelhome Hand Mixer 200 Watt

Kelhome Electric Hand Mixer Prepare to cause a storm in your kitchen with the 200-watt hand mixer. Equipped with removable accessories, this hand mixer will be your perfect companion in the kitchen. Put on your chef’s hat and enjoy delicious desserts and delicious cakes. This multipurpose appliance will help you with all your blending, blending, mixing, whipping and kneading tasks. 250 Watt Power Rating The hand mixer is rated at 250 watts.
This powerful motor makes the product very efficient and effective in its work of whipping, mixing and whipping. You can also use the dough hook attachments at medium to high speeds for kneading. Stainless Steel Dough Hooks and Beaters The dough hooks and beaters are made of stainless steel. This steel is food safe and will not rust.

More comfortable

Kelhome Electric Hand Mixer is also durable and long lasting. Easy to clean accessories Wire beaters and dough hooks are removable from the motor body. This makes it much easier for you to clean them. Just keep the accessories under running water. Apply mild dish soap and then wash with water. Wipe clean with a dry cloth and your mixer is ready to go again. Multipurpose kitchen appliance Beat cream until smooth Peaks Mix flour, dry ingredients, and liquid for smoothies and cookie dough Mix nuts, chips, raisins into a thick cookie dough like oatmeal and chocolate chips Make puddings and sauces Knead the dough with the dough hooks Beat all eggs with wire beaters

Kelhome Hand Mixer 200 Watt, 5 Speed Control, 2 Mixer Hooks, 2 Beater Hooks, It Can Be Use Whips, Folds, Blender, Creams and Mixes.

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